Sunday, May 9, 2010

Zaunie's hackin' on 3-0

It's a sweep!

I couldn't believe Zaun had the green light on 3-0, 1 out and bases loaded. He may be on somewhat of a hot streak, but you gotta take on that. It's debatable whether or not that was a ball, but it looked high to me. In a game that close you can't be popping up for the 2nd out.

Fielder is looking totally lost at the plate. Anytime he's pitched inside even on a curveball that ends up over the plate he's jumping back as if to avoid getting hit. He did this 3 straight times in one at bat. He gets hit a lot, so maybe that's gone to his head? He's never been the type to go out of his way to avoid getting hit. I would say it could be that his hand or elbow are still banged up, but the way he's avoiding pitches just looks silly. If we had a real manager instead of Grandpa Turdbag he might have a chat with Fielder and see if somethings up. Maybe Fielder ran out of Boca burgers. He's gotta be the fatest vegetarian I've ever seen.

Narveson looked damn good again. He seemed to lose some control after walking the DB pitcher in the 6th; however, I thought it was kinda bullshit that Granpa No-Emotion Turdbag took him out with a man on first and second. He earned the right to throw to at least one more hitter. Coffey got out of the inning with no damage, but it still pisses me off. Macha is basically saying to his young pitcher that he doesnt' have faith in him to get out of a jam.

Congrats to Jody Gerut hitting for the Cycle on Saturday. I hadn't really heard him do an interview before, but he was on the pre-game today. Sounded very intelligent and didn't say "Yeah, You know" a single time. Perhaps he should be giving english lessons to others on the team?

Oh and by the way, since reinstituting the Sweep Manatee the Brewers are 5 and 1.


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