Friday, May 7, 2010

Ely who?

I fell asleep in the 8th inning, so I didn't see the rally or the grand salami to lose it until this morning.

This was John Ely's first start at Dodgers stadium in his rookie year with the Dodgers. In typical fashion the Crew looked lost at the plate for most of the game. Even though Ely was barely touching 90MPH, he dominated. What's with the brewers always losing to obscure / rookie pitching?

Bush pitched fairly well once he settled down. The error that ended up costing Bush 2 runs was all on Fielder. I watched the game recap this morning and heard they charged the error to McGehee?! What the hell is that? The ball was right in his glove, you have to catch that. I know errors happen, but you'd expect more from a player talking about his value being 200 Million. I can't get over that, so I'm going to point it out every time fat boy screws up.

It's good to see us battle back at the end. Mr. Clutch Counsell comes through yet again. Zaun also had a good night and the game tying RBI. I would still rather see Kottaras more often, even with Zaun hitting more consistently. I think I'm just going to start calling Zaun "Not Jason Kendall" Even at 0-21 he was still "Not jason Kendall"

Does it seem like we've been on the road for a damn eternity? The last few years we've started out on the road more than I can ever remember. Another series in AZ before coming home to face the Braves. This West coast trip has taken a lot out of Clown. I think Clown and the Brewers need a nice central time home stand. (did I just refer to myself in the 4th person? Nice.)

Braun definitely continues to be amazing, Obviously.


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