Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brewers, Turning up the suck

I highly doubt we're going to make up 11.5 games by the end of the season. We're now behind the Cubs in the division. Sad, but at this point the season is probably over already. I'll continue to watch every game as I always do and hope for a miracle.

Last nights game was kinda funny if you watched the debacle until the end. Mota came in and had to pitch to Fielder. If you remember it was Mota that hit Fielder last year causing Fielder to go into a rage and charge the Dodgers club house. Mota basically pitched everything way outside and avoided getting anywhere near Prince. Also, Escobar took the field in the 8th playing right field! Nothing was hit to him, but it was kinda funny to watch. I was hoping to see a ball right between him and Gomez to see a foot race.

I like Narveson, but man that guys got issues with consistency. I don't understand how so many Brewers pitchers can look great one game and complete shit the next. I can understand getting lit up once in a while, but this is pathetic. The hitting seems to have the same problems with inconsistency; score 15 runs one game and then 1 the next. I think at this point you need to look at the coaching staff. Yeah, that's probably a cop out, but what else do you do?? These players are just not motivated to put a good product on the field day in and day out. Something has to give. This team is TERRIBLE.


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